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Broadcast Bionics produce truly innovative software solutions for the global broadcast industry. Sometimes, however, completion of a system also calls for some hardware and this was the case when it became necessary to bring multiple channels of “Music-on-Hold” into the telecoms systems of large studio clients.


Benden Technology was able to take the project from concept all the way to production, conducting electronic, mechanical and aesthetic design. Perhaps most importantly we identified a suitable manufacturing partner and arranged production on Broadcast Bionics’ behalf, enabling them to concentrate on their core activities while enjoying the benefits of bespoke electronics.





Easy-Seal Products make office automation machinery for the international market. When planning their next design, they knew that customer expectations would make sophisticated electronic control and an intuitive user interface essential, but had no in-house electronics expertise. Benden Technology worked with them to explore the options, settling on a microcontroller-based system with a backlit liquid-crystal display.


In addition to performing full electronic design of the chosen solution, we provided advice on integration between the various parts of the system and assisted with production and testing issues. Through appropriate choices of technology and elegant design, Easy-Seal’s new machine is extremely efficient to manufacture and enjoys a real competitive edge. It is also a truly global endeavour, with sections coming from several continents - Benden’s electronics are in full production in the Far East.




Neil Brand is an internationally-renowned composer and silent-film accompanist. Unable to find off-the-shelf equipment capable of converting his live playing into multiple data streams to drive a full orchestra of instruments, he commissioned Benden Technology to produce a custom solution.


The resulting processor accepts up to sixteen channels of MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) performance data and distributes note information between 32 output streams according to user-defined musical rules regarding polyphony, note priority and pitch of each instrument.


It is implemented using a 16-bit Microchip microcontroller running Benden Technology MIDI firmware. The hardware is compact and robustly constructed for use in a live performance environment. It was produced as a one-off using our in-house prototyping facilities.



Sound Broadcast Services (now part of Eddystone Broadcast) are the UK’s premier manufacturer of FM broadcast equipment. When developing their next-generation FM exciter, they turned to Benden Technology for the crucial stereo encoder module – the section which filters, limits and then multiplexes incoming audio signals ready for transmission. The new design incorporates the best of sbs’ heritage in this area while adding AES/EBU digital audio handling and complete software control of all parameters.


The result is a densely-packed SMT module, considerably adding to the capabilities of its predecessors whilst occupying 50% less space and with a sonic performance described by experienced broadcasters as “excellent”. It is now in full production in the UK.