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Thank you very much for visiting. My name is Steve Lenham and I run a small, friendly electronic design consultancy based in South-East England. For some time I have been fascinated by electronic music technology, and was delighted when fellow enthusiasts approached me to work on their instruments. This side of my activities built up steadily until it took on a fully-fledged life of its own - welcome to Benden Sound Technology.

I specialise increasingly in vintage Lexicon effects units, particularly the 224 family, but (if time allows) can also offer troubleshooting and repair of other makes of synthesiser, drum machine, effects unit and related sound technology as well as proactive overhauling for extended life and better stability (e.g. re-capping, power supply upgrades).

In addition, I am working on upgrades for classic instruments which either add new functionality (e.g. MIDI, patch storage, extra control, etc.) or replace obsolete and/or problematic components. The OB-VFD display upgrade for the Oberheim Xpander is currently available from stock as are firmware upgrades (including the tricky GAL chips) for the Lexicon 300 and 480L. If there is a particular upgrade you would like to see, let me know!

Lastly, I can perform custom  design and build of equipment to your exact specifications.

Coming from a design background, I am particularly interested in unique and early technology and will therefore - perhaps unwisely! - consider the jobs which others may be less comfortable with. Analogue, digital and hybrid are all equally welcome.

On these pages you will find:

- Some examples of what I've been working on recently, with technical insights into some instruments you might not have used yet.

- Upgrades which you can buy and fit yourself plus parts for trade/swap.

- A quick look at some projects of my own, usually covered in dust...

If you see anything of interest here, have any work you would like undertaken, or would like to suggest a new development project then I would be delighted to hear from you.

For enquiries about non-musical technology, please jump to the main Benden Technology website.

May 2016 - For sale from my personal collection, fully serviced:

Contact me if interested.

Limited number of replacement displays for Lexicon PCM80/81/90/91 available.

v4.10 firmware upgrade kit for Lexicon 480L now available. Allows use of the Classic cart, etc.

v3.50 firmware upgrade kit for Lexicon 300 now available. Get Dual Machine functionality and more algorithms!

Contact us for more details.