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OB-VFD Display Upgrade for Oberheim Xpander/Matrix-12

The OB-VFD upgrade is now in full production, with many units successfully installed worldwide. I usually have units either in stock or available on short leadtimes.

June 2014 - I have a couple of units from my personal collection for sale, all fully serviced:

Contact me if interested.

May 2014 - v4.10 firmware upgrade kit for Lexicon 480L now available. Allows use of the Classic cart, etc. Contact us for more details.

April 2013 - v3.50 firmware upgrade kit for Lexicon 300 now available. Get Dual Machine functionality and more algorithms! Contact us for more details.

More information....

We all have useful parts gathering dust and other things which we are on the lookout for. Below are a few of mine. If anything there matches up with anything of yours, please get in touch. I am happy to swap, trade, exchange parts for work done, etc.


Any vintage Lexicon spares, faulty units, cards…anything at all.

Small knob for Lexicon PCM70.

Knobs for Sony DPS-series effects unit.

Schematic for Teisco S60P synthesizer (different from S60F)

SG5402 ring modulator IC.

Pioneer SR-101 reverb unit.


Genius G540 EPROM programmer

Dual-trace oscilloscope x 2

Many organ/synth ICs esp. Top Octave Generators and dividers.

TDA1022 BBD ICs.

Variety of video ICs.

Variety of original 74xx-series TTL logic ICs.