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On the bench:  

3 x Lexicon PCM70

Massive pile of Lexicon 224s!

Korg PS3100

As you might expect, I have countless projects of my own patiently waiting for attention. I'll add more information and pictures soon, but here are a few highlights. Most come under the heading of "lost causes"! If you are working on something similar, I'd be very happy to hear from you.

Lexicon 224 - NVS card clone, allowing upgrade of early units and repair of those badly damaged by battery leakage.

Lexicon 224XL/480L/300L - LARC remote control clone. There just don’t seem to be enough LARCs around to satisfy everybody!

Gem S2/3 - a hidden “gem”. I like to think of them as the poor man’s digital CS80 ;-) Turbo versions are vulnerable to leakage damage from the NiCd memory backup battery and my newly-acquired S3Turbo has suffered. Remedial work is ongoing.

Jen Synx 508 - allegedly one of the worst polysynths ever, and therefore deeply fascinating even if only to find out why. Bad news: it’s in poor condition. Good news: I found some spare voice cards to upgrade it to full (and rare) 8-voice standard.

Elektor Vocoder restoration (acquired unfinished).

Powertran Transcendent 2000 build (currently just a PCB in poor condition).

E&MM Spectrum Synthesiser rebuild (acquired with no case, built on Stripboard).

Roland Jupiter-4 restoration (x2) and enhancements.

Lexicon 224 restoration of my own unit (ex-Eel Pie Studios) and FPGA cloning.

DKI Synergy FPGA cloning (has already been done by a Japanese fellow, but the details seem to have disappeared).

...and many more...